Student Pulse is here to help you remove any barriers in your learning journey. From navigating the Institute’s policies or procedures, to providing options on how to deal with academic issues, through to support and advice on flatting, employment, budgeting, Studylink, Work and Income or anything else!

We can help you in person, over the phone, via email or Skype. Contact members of our team at your local campus or call us on 0800 86 46 46 Ext. 8856 or email . While our main base is on Mokoia campus we are building presence at Windermere campus and we visit all the campuses throughout the year.  Like us on Facebook to find out when we will be on your campus.

How we support you

All staff and volunteer members of Student Pulse can provide a free and independent service for students on any issue. You can be confident about sharing your problems with us because we keep your information and stories confidential.  Come in to vent, have a quick chat or even a more in-depth discussion. We are always happy to talk to you. We will do our best to help you, or refer you to someone else who can.

We listen to your concerns or complaints and give you information, options and support. We support students dealing with issues from individual students, groups of students and whole classes. If you are uncertain about how things work, or if you would like support or advice, talk to us.

We will hear your concern or complaint and can help you contact the right people at Toi Ohomai, with the aim of coming to a resolution that you are happy with. We can also give you advice or clarification around Toi Ohomai’s policies or procedures.

Whanau support is student lead and our kaupapa is to support students to succeed.




“What it meant for me to have support was very helpful, let me know that someone higher than myself or others were there. Going through what to do if it gets too much, like breathing.”

Emily was a conscientious student who attended class regularly.  Her concern was with another student whom she felt belittled her both in class and online. Emily tried speaking up for herself, but ended up feeling intimidated and isolated.

Emily came to see Student Pulse as she felt her concentration in the classroom was compromised, and affecting her learning.

After talking through the options and scenarios, Emily decided to have a meeting with her Tutor and a Pulse Staff Member. It was during this meeting that a plan of action was created.

Emily let us know that she was happy that the plan had worked. The other student was now working with her, instead of against, her.  Emily recognised that her Tutor and had been instrumental in helping to create a safe class environment.

* NB: names have been changed to protect privacy



“I have had great support from Student Pulse. The staff member showed me there’s no harm in trying. And I will always be thankful for that”

Dave was feeling despondent.  At first, he was reluctant to share his story with Student Pulse, and would only give a little bit of information before stopping to shake his head, look up and say “there is nothing I can do is there?” It was clear Dave had given up all hope. Our staff member responded honestly with “I don’t know, but there are always options, even doing nothing is an option”.

After unpacking his story and looking at his options, Dave discovered that he had options that he hadn’t previously considered, and decided that we could help by advocating on his behalf. The process of working with Dave supported Mana Motuhake where Dave gained a sense of power and control over his situation.

* NB: names have been changed to protect privacy.



“Having support in that time meant so much to me as it helped me see my options and I felt like somebody understood me and what I was going through. It was very beneficial for me and if I didn’t get support I wouldn’t be where I am now”

Tania was a diligent student but she was emotionally exhausted.  She had a lot of responsibility riding on her shoulders at home as well as in class, often staying up until the small hours studying. Tania had got to the point where life was weighing heavily on her shoulders and she was struggling in some classes.

Student Pulse explored with Tania her available options. Tania decided that she wanted Student Pulse to support her through attending meetings with teaching staff to discuss her study options.

Being present in the meeting meant Student Pulse could represent and guide Tania should she find herself overwhelmed and not able to continue with the meeting.

Tania being the diligent student she is, jumped her final hurdle and passed.  She happily continuing her studies.

* NB: names have been changed to protect privacy

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