We encourage students to be active participants in shaping campus life and culture. You can do this simply by sharing your suggestions, issues and concerns with your Class Rep.  Or become more involved by becoming a Class Rep or be on the Student Executive.

Students who take on this role represent their peers in meetings and discussion forums to help improve the quality of education and campus life for all students. Being a Class Rep or on the Student Executive is a great opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, increase social circles and make a positive difference for others.

Class Reps

A Class Rep passes on concerns, praise and recommendations from classmates to staff. This information is given to the Student Executive who regularly provides information on student issues, needs, trends and recommendations to Toi Ohomai staff at faculty committee meetings.

The Class Reps:

  • Promote themselves so the class/students know who their Rep is.
  • Talk to classmates.
  • Identify student issues and needs, and give advice when asked about issues.
  • Know the student support services on campus, and refer students to the right people.
  • Attend training and support sessions – so they can give the appropriate advice and referrals.
  • Attend Rep meetings.
  • Provide both positive and negative feedback to staff and student council.

Becoming a class rep:

Your lecturer should ask for Class Rep volunteers at the beginning of each semester and then pass on your details to us. You can also complete the class rep form. Student Pulse organises a training session for all new Class Reps each semester.

Student Executive

Your Student Executive is made up of four elected student members and up to three external members from the community. It is the highest level of Student Representation and provides Toi Ohomai with valuable insights and customer feedback from students.

Student Executive members:

  • Maintain a public profile as student leaders at Toi Ohomai.
  • Talk to Toi Ohomai students about their experiences on campus.
  • Meet regularly with Class Reps.
  • Hold regular Student meetings to discuss any initiatives and to resolve student issues collectively.
  • Attend training and support sessions to ensure they can put initiatives into action and make things happen.
  • Attend open Toi Ohomai Council meetings.
  • Meet with important academic, management and operational staff.
  • Provide regular reports to the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Council (the governing body of the institute).
  • Speak up on behalf of students at any opportunity.

Find out our current Student Executive members here

Joining the Student Executive:

The Student Executive are elected members of the student body. A person must be nominated and the nomination seconded.

Nominations are accepted at the start of Semester One.

To get a nomination form or find out more please email the Student Pulse President.