Are you:

  • Aged between 18-25 years?
  • Actively involved in contributing to the wellbeing of your community at some level?
  • Able to commit to being involved in this part-time programme of three, three-day and two four-day wānanga (leadership forum) over a period of 12 months?
  • Able to get support from others to participate in the programme (whanau/hapu/pakeke/employers/community etc.)?
  • Open minded and willing to contribute to discussions and workshops?
  • Well organized and have the ability to manage your time and commitments?

Tuia Overview

Tuia is an intentional, long term, intergenerational approach to develop and enhance the way in which rangatahi Māori contribute to communities throughout New Zealand. We look to build a network of support for rangatahi to help them serve their communities well. This is through developing relationships between a diverse range of rangatahi throughout the country that recognises, accepts and celebrates diversity.

At a local level, a mayor will select a rangatahi Māori from their district who they will develop a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship with, in order to enhance their ability to contribute well to community. This will happen on a monthly basis, involving both informal meetings and participation at formal occasions. The relationship will also provide both parties with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into inter-generational issues, cultural values and experiences.

Selected rangatahi will be expected to undertake a 100 hour community contribution project in their respective communities. Rangatahi will also attend five wānanga in different parts of the country over the year to build networks, obtain support and receive exposure to a diverse range of people from across the country.

To apply please complete the form Tuia 2019 Application Template and email it to

Rangatahi Leadership Programme

 Tō tō mai ngā tāonga ā ngā mātua tīpuna. Tuia i runga, tuia i raro, tuia i roto, tuia i waho, tuia te here tāngata. Ka rongo te pō, ka rongo te ao. Tuia ngā rangatahi puta noa i te motu kia pupū ake te mana Māori motuhake. Ko te kotahitanga te waka e kawe nei te oranga mō ngā whānau, hapū, iwi. Poipoia te rangatahi, ka puta, ka ora.

The name ‘Tuia’ is derived from a tauparapara (Māori proverbial saying) that is hundreds of years old. This saying recognises and explains the potential that lies within high trust connections: to past, present and future; to self; and to people, place and environment.

The word ‘Tuia’ means to weave and when people are woven together well, their collective contribution has a greater positive impact on community. We as a rangatahi (youth) leadership programme look to embody this by connecting young Māori from across Aotearoa/New Zealand – connecting passions, aspirations and dreams of rangatahi to serve our communities well.

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