An opportunity to showcase your talent.  Make new friends and learn new skills. 


Is there a subject or activity you can teach? Is there a subject or activity you have always wanted to learn or would like to improve? Would you like to exchange skills? For instance: I’ll teach you a 1/2 hour of English if you teach me a 1/2 hour of German, or I’ll teach you an hour of web design if you teach me an hour of APA referencing. Meet one-on-one on campus to learn from each other, or online using any live video chat (like Skype).

When you teach you learn, and when you learn you teach—and that my friends, makes the world a better place. So go ahead and search for what you want to learn. Maybe someone can help you with your interests, and is looking for someone to learn from with skills like you. Besides, if you make the right match, it costs you nothing but time, and we have yet to find anyone who can beat the price of free.