Student Pulse are supporting the proposal by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology to introduce a student levy 2019. Tertiary education providers in Aotearoa, under the law, are able to charge a fee and Toi Ohomai have decided that now is a good time to introduce it.

Why now?

The skyrocketing cost increases for petrol and vegetables (as examples) mean that the cost of teaching students has also gone up while funding from the government, hasn’t increased for almost a decade.

What do Student Pulse tihnk?.

Here is what we think about the proposal –

  • Student support services at Toi Ohomai are great  right now BUT with the rising costs of wages and purchasing materials those services are at risk;
  • Student representation, including Student Pulse, have had to cut back what we can invest money into when it comes to supportting students this year;
  • We support Toi Ohomai working towards ensuring students in the Bay of Plenty have access to quality services as students at other Universities and Polytechnics around NZ;
  • We think the proposed levy of $250 incl. GST is quite reasonable e.g. the levy equates to purchasing two coffees 2 bottles of Powerade a week for 30 weeks;
  • We want all students to have an exceptional time while studying and to help support that we would like to host more events and make sure student representation is working!;
  • The fee is less than many other tertiary education providers.

In a perfect world Toi Ohomai would be able to fund all the extra activities outside of the classroom from student fees and government funding but that just isn’t possible. Any time students are asked to contribute more monies towards the cost of study is going to be an issue. However in 2019 Toi Ohomai has gone with the sector average increase to fees which equates to a 2% increase. 2% is quite reasonable.

Stipulations we want put in place 

We think –

  • Its absolutely vital that the monies collected as a levy are spent on services that directly support students in a tangible way;
  • That students need to be able to see how their monies are being spent;
  • That open, honest and transparent reporting takes place.

As the representative body for students of Toi Ohomai we will be working hard to ensure these requests are met.

What can you do?

Its important that YOU have your say! You can do that by either –

  • emailing, AND
  • come along to the student consultation meetings on each campus such as  – Mokoia and Whakatane.

What else do you need to know?

All the big questions are  asked and answered by Toi Ohomai and can be seen by downloading the fact sheet  – Student Levy info flyer _PRINT

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