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A “Buddy” is another student who can serve as a resource, and a helping hand or friend who guides a less experienced person by providing support, encouragement, and information to students new to Toi Ohomai and New Zealand. The programme provides students with leadership opportunities, the chance to engage with the International community, and inspire students to succeed in their studies. Buddies help new students to integrate into Toi Ohomai student life, and participate in the Rotorua community.

We are looking for returning students of Toi Ohomai who have a willingness to help and a sincere desire to build a friendship with an international student. We will match buddies as best as we can, based on the preferences and information filled out on their application form. A training session will be provided to inform buddies on what a new international student may need to know and do upon arrival. If you are able to fulfill the requirements as a TOI buddy, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation (Participation).


Student Buddies