What is the Buddy Programme?

The purpose of this programme is to provide individualized assistance for a new international student. By assisting students in adapting to a new country, culture, and environment, we hope to create a less stressful transition and a more hospitable, welcoming atmosphere. This programme is all about exchanging experiences, making international friendships and learning about different cultures.

What is a buddy?

A buddy is a person who assists a newcomer in adjusting to a social situation or to the local routine. The buddy is another student who can serve as a resource and a helping hand or friend who guides a less experienced person by providing, encouragement and information to students new to Toi Ohomai and New Zealand.

Student Buddy Programme

If you are a new international student who needs a “Buddy” to:

  • help you adapt to a new environment,
  • help improve communication, study and interpersonal skills,
  • provide practical advice, encouragement and support….





You can be a ‘Buddy Mentor’ if you

  • have studied at Toi Ohomai for at least one semester,
  • want to develop leadership and interpersonal skills,
  • can serve as a resource and lend a helping hand in integrating students into Toi Ohomai student life,
  • are interested in engaging with the international community….



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