Hello everyone.

Some things have been changing around here at Student Pulse as of late. Our, now former, general manager Jonathon has left his position here at Student pulse and is now working for Hospice Rotorua as their new CEO. This means that me… Paul, am taking of responsibility for the website maintenance, Twitter and YouTube. Emire is still our student president as no one contested her for the position this year, Tracey is still running the student pulse shop, Sara is still the vice student president and Janine is still social worker for Student Pulse.

List of people and what they do:

Here is the full list of everyone that works for Student Pulse: https://studentpulse.nz/the-team/ 


I will keep you updated as things progress. We all are just going through a transition phase right now so bare with us as we figure things out.

Have a good day/week

– Student Pulse team! 

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