Post Graduate Diploma in Mentoring and Leadership Level 8 (Adult Teaching) 

How do you hope to support the Buddy Programme and why you chose to be a Buddy?

This buddy programme will help the new students to explore their true self with the help of their mentors in this new country and new environment. They can get accustomed to their surroundings much easily as they will a guide to guide them through their new journey.

What do you like about Toi Ohomai and New Zealand?

Toi Ohomai and New Zealand have given me chance to challenge my own capabilities and prove my old self wrong. Toi Ohomai has best pastoral care team for intetnational students making it easy for them to adapt into the Kiwi culture and New Zealand has the most friendly people possible. Since the time I have arrived, I have locals of New Zealand who treat me just like their own family.

What challenges have you faced?

I still remember my first day in Rotorua. I would say I was lucky enough to have come along with my brother. We had absolutely nothing to eat not because we didn’t have money but the fact that we didn’t know where to go. Jet lag, hunger and a new environment posed a challenge to get accustomed to it.

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