Our views and thoughts on whats happening in the tertiary education environment.

40 years, 40 years………..

In 1978, soon after the opening of the Waiariki Community College, the then Principal Malcolm Murchie understood the need for students to be represented at the highest level of governance. To quote Mr Murchie "An association of students is a critically important body...

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Students and Volunteering

If you want me to volunteer, you have to sell it to me. Volunteers generally sign up for intrinsic rewards, so advertising is essential, and not the ordinary kind of advertising such as position available...  I want to know what I will get out of it! Okay, so maybe...

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Student voice rules OK!

Effective governance requires speed to action, having an excellent view of whats happening in the political and social environment and an ability to meet stakeholder requirements. In education the Government, as key...

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