Norman Sutton has signed on with Student Pulse as a volunteer and is offering his services as a chaplain at the Windermere and Bongard campuses in Tauranga. Norman has a background in teaching English along

with assisting people through being a listening ear. He has previously worked as Family Resource Manager at Habitat for Humanity and studied Biblical theology at The University of Auckland. Norman and his family have been living in Tauranga for 1/8 months since shifting south from Auckland. His background includes 40 years in business as well as a time working as a community worker for a church in Auckland. He is happily married to Barbara (46 years!) and they have 2 children and 7 grandchildren. They enjoy making new friends, including from different countries, showing hospitality and mountain biking (but not on mountains!)

What is a chaplain and what do they do?

Norman Sutton, Chaplain

A chaplain is a person who is of a particular belief or religion who provides spiritual support and pastoral care. A chaplain is non-denominational meaning they support people who of all faiths and religion as well as people of no religion. Chaplains demonstrate the qualities of –

  • compassion;
  • friendliness;
  • and a sense of humour.

Chaplains, like all the members of Student Pulse, value:

  • professionalism
  • personal faith and its expression
  • confidentiality
  • respect and caring

Contact details

You will find Norman at the Bongard campus on Mondays and Windermere from Tuesday to Friday. Norman can also be contacted by text on 027 533 4127.


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