Graduate Diploma in Mentoring and Professional Leadership (Level 7).

How you hope to support the Buddy Programme and why you chose to be a Buddy?

According to me, the Buddy Programme is a great initiative taken by Student Pulse.  I honestly love the way the program is planned out, as it will be beneficial for all the students whether they are existing students or new students at the campus.   Existing students would get new information which they might be unaware about of and help the new students to solve their problems.  The Buddy Program will also helpful for new students to adjust to their new environment through talking to the buddies. I will be really happy to be a part of this programme as I love to learn new skills and help people, so the Buddy Program is definitely a good activity to participate in.

What do you like about Toi Ohomai and New Zealand?

I love the environment Toi-Ohomai provides to the students and is one of the best Institutes in the region which helps the students to grow and learn professional skills. The tutor and staff of the Institute are really friendly and co-operative with students which helps the students to feel at home.  The people of New Zealand are so welcoming and open to talk which helps reduce homesickness.

What challenges have you faced?

Initially, I faced some challenges to understand the accent of native speakers but through regular conversations I gained confidence to talk and easily communicate. Another big problem which I have faced is related to accommodation, sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable place to live but through creating links and by talking to people, everything becomes easy.


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