Connect you with other students and communities in New Zealand from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to eMentoring!

Welcome to the ementoring site. eMentoring is a different way to connect with students of Toi Ohomai who are already in study. You can sign up to our site and engage in conversation with our student mentor volunteers. We understand you may have questions about study or community life that you’d like to ask and this is the perfect way to find answers.

Below are \instructions on how to register and get started. Welcome! Nau mai, haere mai!

How do you get started with eMentoring?

We have put together a small “how to get started” guide. Start by registering to use the site and from there you can follow the simple instructions to join the conversation.

The “how to guide” is available by WELCOME! Booklet.

Quick Links.

The eMentoring pages you need to add friends and join groups are here –

Register yourself to get started.


Terms and conditions.

Everyone using the eMentoring agree to adhere by the guidelines set out below. These guidelines help ensure everyone has a positive experience, and if for any reason they don’t Student Pulse reserves the right to to review membership of the online program including exiting people where required.

In registering for the program I agree to:

● Participate through listening actively and attentively.
● Ask for clarification if I’m confused.
● Critique ideas, not people.
● Avoid put-downs (even humorous ones).
● Take responsibility for the quality of the discussion.
● Build on one another’s comments; work toward shared understanding.
● Not monopolize discussion.
● Speak from my own experience.
● If I’m offended by anything said during discussion, I will acknowledge it immediately and ask for clarification.
● Respect cultural practices and cultural differences of others.
● I will consider anything that is said in group discussions as strictly confidential.