Hello my name is Emire Khan-Malak. I live here in Rotorua, and am married to Mohabat Khan Malak. We have 4 grown up children and seven mokopunas. My husband and I run a food business here in Rotorua, and I am also studying for Level 5 Diploma in Business Studies and Level 6 NZ Diploma in Business at Toi Ohomai, Mokoia Campus.

It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to stand for President for Student Pulse at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology. As Class Rep for three classes in four semesters it gives me more insight to the dynamics of Toi Ohomai, enables me to look into student concerns and needs. At present I am General Executive Rep on Student Pulse Executive Council and learning more from this challenge by interacting with school activities and travel to most of our Campuses for Student reorientation and Student Class Rep meetings. This gives me a greater insight to what is happening at our Toi Ohomai Campuses for our students and also building a great rapport amongst the students.

This is my second year studying completing my Level 5 Waiariki Diploma in Business Studies and doing Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Business. I love studying at Toi Ohomai and enjoy working with all of our students both domestic and international students. We build up a great rapport and help each other when required and this gives me great pleasure to share with them. As they say we are never too old to study and I have found this very true in all my experiences.

I am proactive in the community as a member of the Rotorua Multi Cultural Council and Executive. For several years I have been involved in Maori Land Trusts as a trustee and owner in many land trusts for the betterment of our people and the generations to come. I have served in several voluntary work positions within the community, such as secretary for Islamic Woman’s Council of New Zealand (IWCNZ), I was also involved with the StJohn Youth Division in Te Puke for 18 years as a leader. Presently proactive with our Rotorua Islamic Community.

The qualifications that I hold are: Introduction and Advanced Certificates in Professional Speaking – this allows me to be able to be impromptu and speak when required, NZIM Certificate in Management, Level Four certificate in Business and Financial Literacy, National Certificate in Employment Skills and Food Safety Unit 20666 Certificate.

I am very caring, approachable and understanding and believe strongly in Teamwork in an organisation. I believe in making Toi Ohomai a happy, safe and enjoyable place to study and achieve academic advancement. We are a global village and I believe in multiculturalism as the way to go.